• I registered. How do I access the recordings?
    Check your email! We have sent your private login to the Digital Pass to you, at the email you used when you registered.


  • I didn't register. Is there a way I can access the recordings?
    YES. By purchasing a Digital Pass for $20, you can also access the same recordings and resources as those who registered. A private login link will be sent to you.


  • What is included in the Digital Pass? 
    Every class and keynote sermon from STRONGER is included in the Digital Pass. We have reviewed every recording from STRONGER and compiled a list of all mentioned resources. Additionally, our speakers also had the option to provide other resources not mentioned in the class. We also included those resources. Please note, Speakers had the option whether or not to include their slides/PDF's from the class. While some did provide their slides, others chose not to. Additionally, all speakers had final say on what resources were included (or not included) on their resource list.


  • Do the videos contain subtitles? Yes! All uploaded recordings include captions in 9 languages: English, Spanish, French,  Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese. These can be viewed by selecting the "CC" button on the desktop version of the Digital Pass, or the conversation balloon on the mobile version of the pass.

  • How long will the Digital Pass be available? Indefinitely. At this time, we have no plans to take down the Digital Pass in the future.

  • Who can access the recordings? Access is limited only to those who either registered for STRONGER or purchased the digital pass.  Access to this pass is limited to private use by these individuals, or for use by their Bible Talks.

  • My church would like to show one or more of the lessons to our whole church / region / ministry / larger group. Is there an option for that? Showing any of the Stronger recordings in a larger group setting is not permitted. However, within the Resouce list of each class is the contact information for the speaker(s). You can reach out to the speaker for options on how to present this material to your larger group.

    Possibly, some might be willing to book a private speaking time with your group. This would give you the added benefit of having a lesson tailored to your group, and also your members would be able to interact with the speaker directly via your chosen platform.

    Please note: Many of our speakers earn their income from speaking engagements, and as such the content of their class is proprietary. For these reasons, presenting the STRONGER recordings to a larger group is not permitted.

Have a question that was not answered? Email us: contact@stronger2020.live